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More photo's from the 1960's
Memorabilia 1960's
Jemilu Kwande
The Peter Goddard Collection

Football 1967
Football  1967.jpg
Submitted by Bill Simpson

Fencing Team 1967
Submitted by Bill Simpson

Nigel Cavey Writes to David-Michael:
I had Mrs Thurlow for piano lessons at Westbrook, but have very limited memories of her. I can't say I found her terribly inspiring, and I always suffered terribly from nerves during practical music exams (probably because I'd singularly failed to practise beforehand). During the winter months, rather than indulge in sports (which in my case involved standing in a football or rugby field and simply freezing to death), I would be allowed to practise the piano instead. What this actually meant was larking around, but at least I was warm!

Westbrook's Music Cup, awarded annually I believe, was in my day principally fought over by a very gifted musician, Hensel-Thomas(?) and myself. I seem to recall that the cup remained with the School House to which the winner belonged, but instead he would be given a smaller unmarked replica which could be retained. I attach a photo of what I believe to be mine, shown next to a ruler giving an indication of its size in inches.

The musicians, exclusively pianists I believe, were asked to play at the end of a Morning Assembly in the old hut. I was always amazed at my fellow pupils' patience and forbearance during my maladroit essays at the keyboard, which I remember comprised Beethoven's Moonlight & Pathetique Sonatas (probably just the slow movements), and it was years later that I learned it was only because it delayed the start of lessons!
Nigel Cavey

Westbrook Music Cup (Year?)
Submitted by Nigel Cavey